Florida Dept. of Environmental Protection Division of Water Resource Mgt.

Statewide e-Permitting system reduces labor and streamlines permit processing

“Matrix delivered 1,000 percent.” -FDEPClient: The Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) is the lead agency in state governm

There are approximately 4,130 individually permitted wastewater facilities in Florida. These facilities represent both domestic and industrial wastewater facilities, which are authorized to discharge wastewater either to ground water or surface water in the state.ent for environmental management and stewardship. The department administers regulatory programs and issues permits for air, water and waste management.

Challenge: Improper disposal of the millions of gallons of wastewater produced in Florida every day could damage drinking water supply, wildlife, and other important environmental resources. Management of wastewater facility information is becoming increasingly important for Department staff to be able to perform their job duties more effectively. Additionally, the systems used to manage this information are becoming increasingly essential so that the Department and its staff will be able to make informed decisions and provide accurate information to the public.

Solution: Permit Builder for Industrial and Domestic Wastewater is an electronic, knowledge-based system for fast and easy legal permit document generation.

Key Features:

  • Client server and/or web-based implementation gives users the flexibility to better leverage their existing infrastructures
  • Generates legal documents thereby eliminating duplication of effort and processing time
  • Automatically updates FDEP’s central Wastewater Facility Regulation (WAFR) database
  • Includes a full suite of standard reports
  • System captures subject matter expert knowledge and produces permits from a common knowledge base, reducing errors and increasing consistency
  • Web-enabled enhancements utilize standard Oracle 9i, Oracle Forms, and Oracle Reports