Application Design & Development

Sometimes, off-the-shelf applications just don’t meet all your necessary business requirements.  Enhancing the performance and value of your applications, however, is no easy task, especially in today’s business world. Businesses today are faced with increased complexity, tighter IT budgets, and ever changing demands from the market which can make it difficult for companies to ensure their applications are delivering maximum value.  At Matrix Information Systems we understand the need to customize and our qualified team has a proven track record in developing high quality, customized software utilizing various technologies in various industries, while balancing the ever-growing demands of the business landscape.

Throughout the process Matrix Information Systems is there to help clearly define value propositions, understand all aspects of your requirements, and deploy the specialized solutions required to succeed.


At Matrix we employ only the highest grade Technical, Functional and User Interface architects who work with your business to ensure  the system is built and deployed in a manner which meets your business needs. We can seamlessly integrate into an existing IT team to help guide a customization project, or we can undertake your project within MatrixIS and deliver a fully functional solution while you continue to manage your daily business operations.  Our team offers end-to-end design services, ensuring your requirements are fully documented and prioritized and all elements of design are client approved.


We build quality into all aspects of our development.  Quality is defined at the beginning, and throughout the process ,MatrixIS continually manages testing and requirement traceability to ensure the end result is software that will drive value into your business and minimize risk.

Development and Implementation

Team Matrix excels at building a solution that will meet your businesses needs.  We carry expertise on our team in environmental and aerospace system development, GIS data, e-government, e-learning, and electric utility, to name a few.  We can manage all aspects of development and implementation including physical aspects such as the procurement and design of necessary infrastructure required for your new systems, and their necessary configurations. Most importantly, we will help your organization make the switch from the old system to the new system by way of developing and delivering training and course materials, as well as helping you navigate the world of change management.