Release – Matrix receives award for AUDRIS implementation at NASA

June 18, 2012 – To address the unique, extensive requirements at KSC, Team Matrix developed the Automated Utility Database Reporting System (AUDRIS) – A secure, web-based application that provides near real-time data collection and reporting of all energy consumption at KSC. Pulling data from more than 250 electric meters at over 150 sites, AUDRIS integrates these data with that from electric and natural gas invoices, fuel, facilities, weather and contract data. The integration and presentation of that data through the web-based AUDRIS user interface, paints a clear, comprehensive picture of energy consumption and cost at the largest, most complex aerospace facility in the world.

Accessed by various user communities for cost, demand and energy conservation planning, AUDRIS has proven to be a vital, integral and highly successful part of energy management at KSC – which hasn’t gone unnoticed. In 2010 the AUDRIS implementation team, including Team Matrix, was presented with the NASA Environmental Star Award.  The AUDRIS system and development team won the 2012 Best of KSC Software Award.

Founded in 1992, Matrix Information Systems, Inc. Provides e-business solutions and custom software development to corporate IT departments as well as federal, state, and local government agencies and their contractors.  Headquartered on Merritt Island, Florida, Matrix leverages the incredible wealth of talent drawn by NASA’s Kennedy Space Center, the 45th Space Wing, and countless area high-tech research, development and manufacturing firms in Central Florida High Tech Corridor.