About Matrix IS

We Deliver Information Power!

Since 1992, Matrix Information Systems, Inc. has delivered Information Power to businesses and government agencies seeking improved workflow, increased productivity and enhanced profitability.

We establish easy access to your vital information in a timely manner through the development of standards-based electronic business, database and groupware technologies. Our proven record of successful solutions, our partnerships with industry leaders and our commitment make Team Matrix the foremost choice to leverage your investments in people, technology and legacy systems.

From our corporate headquarters on Merritt Island, near Kennedy Space Center, we are able to deliver services to a wide geographical area. Team Matrix utilizes a variety of communications technologies to effectively collaborate with clients, maximizing our staff’s productivity while helping you save money.

Our proactive approach to development allows you to integrate new technology quickly so your business can realize rapid benefits. A proven “Solution Development Discipline” (SDD) framework is used to optimally balance and track cost, schedule and quality trade-offs that meet the needs of your organization.

Team Matrix delivers the Information Power you need to reach your business objectives!