Matrix Environmental Information Systems announces EQuIS™ Eco/Bio Data Integration Services

EarthSoft business partner, Matrix Environmental Information Systems (Matrix EIS), today announced new ecological and biological data integration services for EarthSoft’s EQuIS. These services enable complete eco/bio data integration with the standard environmental data themes supported by EQuIS “out of the box”.

Matrix EIS was initially driven to develop this capability by NASA’s desire to store and integrate 18 years of eco/bio data along with datasets routinely handled by the standard EQuIS product. To meet this requirement, Matrix EIS extended EQuIS’ data quality, management, and analytical tools to accommodate NASA’s additional data themes. Today, NASA researchers may run myriad
environmental, ecological, and biological queries and analyses using EQuIS’ intuitive, integrated  data management system.

NASA’s extended EQuIS system integrates avian, fish, aquatic vegetation, water quality, and meteorological data. To accommodate the extended themes, Matrix EIS customized EQuIS functions, including: Data Preparation, Data Import, Post Processing and Source Data Checks, Data Rollback, Data Merge, Data Load Verification, “Prove” Data, and Data Access using EQuIS’ Cross Tab Report Writer and Quick Reports. Through extensive use of internet technologies, Matrix EIS is able to deliver EQuIS Eco/Bio Data Integration Services in a cost-effective and timely manner, regardless of customer location.

Mitch Beard, EarthSoft President, commented, “Matrix helps bring a more complete solution to our customers looking to further leverage their  EQuIS investment. When Matrix exploited EarthSoft’s Open Systems business model, it produced a win for NASA and the taxpayer, a win for Matrix and EarthSoft,  and created an opportunity for many others in the environmental industry. EarthSoft will continue to focus on EQuIS kernel development, while sophisticated partners like Matrix provide EQuIS services to their clients.”

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