Matrix Accomplishes with SJRWMD

Matrix Accomplishes with SJRWMD

Merritt Island, FL – Matrix Environmental Information Systems is proud to announce its ongoing partnership with the St John’s River Water Management District. Despite statewide budget cuts, Matrix has shown itself to be a valuable partner in SJRWMD’s ongoing efforts to make biological data reliable, accessible, and convenient. Delivering value on a limited budget, Matrix has been able to make modifications to existing tools, continue to support SJRWMD personnel when needed, and even help scientists load entirely new Datasets into the district’s Biological Database.

The ability to deliver such value on a limited budget is a key strength of Matrix. The Biological Database and its associated tools were developed intelligently and with expansion in mind, making it easier for us to get out of the scientist’s way and allow them to manage their data on their terms in a precise manner.

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Founded in 1992, Matrix Information Systems, Inc. provides e-business solutions and custom software development to corporate IT departments as well as federal, state, and local government agencies and their contractors.  Headquartered on Merritt Island, Florida, Matrix leverages the incredible wealth of talent drawn by NASA’s Kennedy Space Center, the 45th Space Wing, and countless area high-tech research, development, and manufacturing firms in the Central Florida High Tech Corridor.  In Tallahassee, Matrix’s State Branch delivers excellence in standards-based,  egovernment solutions that help Florida government reduce process and improve service levels.

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