Matrix releases The Proposal to App Store

Matrix releases The Proposal to App Store

Merritt Island, FL – Matrix Mobile Applications is proud to announce the release of The Proposal, its first commercial application on the Apple App Store. Developed in conjunction with Ascent Studios [], The Proposal was designed by salesmen that needed an efficient way to generate proposals for their clients in real time. There were a few other estimate or proposal apps already in the marketplace but they all lacked the basic features required. The Proposal was born.

A comprehensive proposal generation application, The Proposal has been developed with the following features:

  • Versatile design that can be used for any industry or salesperson
  • Import your company’s logo & contact information
  • Add full summary for scope of work
  • Undo/Redo buttons for editing a proposal’s scope
  • Expanded scope edit box, with adjustable text size so you can see more of what you write.
  • Import client’s logo & address from your contacts or the web
  • Save footer, company address & logo as defaults
  • Save as many client proposals as you can create
  • Proposal are searchable & sortable
  • Import dealer/vendor price sheets
  • Export proposal as a full page PDF
  • Export proposal as full RTF document for editing proposals on your computer with normal word processing programs
  • Export proposal PDF or RTF files to Dropbox
  • Print a proposal using AirPrint
  • Email proposal to client
  • Set sales tax or use Tax Exempt
  • Add discount percentage (by item or entire project)
  • Import your scope current verbiage and create new template by using our presets for opening, terms, body or closing statements to accompany the proposal scope
  • Set markup percentage for all hardware & labor (on an item-specific or global basis)
  • Add hardware (brand, model, description, cost, markup & price) to your inventory
  • Add labor skills (title, description, hourly rate, daily rate and markup) to your inventory
  • GPS logging to track location of all your clients (all logs stored only on your iPad, Ascend Studios will never access this data)
  • Easily preview all hardware, labor, totals, cost, markup discount & profit for a proposal on one screen
  • Lock a proposal to protect it from changes
  • Set the proposal to “client view” to hide all profit and markup information
  • Full support of the euro
  • Proposals may be signed by the provider and/or the client on screen

Click here to see a video demo of The Proposal

If you are interested in The Proposal, but need it customized to suit your company’s needs, please contact Matrix Mobile Applications at

Founded in 1992, Matrix Information Systems, Inc. provides e-business solutions and custom software development to corporate IT departments as well as federal, state, and local government agencies and their contractors.  Headquartered on Merritt Island, Florida, Matrix leverages the incredible wealth of talent drawn by NASA’s Kennedy Space Center, the 45th Space Wing, and countless area high-tech research, development, and manufacturing firms in the Central Florida High Tech Corridor.  In Tallahassee, Matrix’s State Branch delivers excellence in standards-based,  egovernment solutions that help Florida government reduce process and improve service levels.

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