Matrix means “Mobile”

Matrix Mobile Applications challenges you to ask this question: Is mobile technology important
to your company? The experts at Matrix suggest this response: Only if you plan on staying in
business. A recent Pew Internet survey revealed a significant and consistent rise in mobile
devices such as smartphones and tablets, while at the same time reporting a steep decrease
in desktop computer usage. A parallel study by Ziff Davis not only shows identical findings
but also estimates the number of users who primarily employ their mobile devices to surf the
Web will skyrocket by nearly 50% over the next three years. And if none of these findings
float your boat, consider Facebook’s October 30th report of a whopping 60 percent jump in third-
quarter revenue. Why? The company has had unsurpassed success in capturing and nourishing a mobile
audience. Matrix Information Systems is on the leading edge of mobile development, and has been for
years. Their experience and finesse place them way ahead of the game. So if mobile technology
is important to the health and longevity of your company (and it is), Matrix Information Systems
is even MORE important.

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