Matrix Leverages ArcGIS

Matrix Leverages ArcGIS

Merritt Island, FL – In conjunction with InoMedic Health Applications [], Matrix Environmental Information Systems has leveraged advances in ArcGIS Server and Oracle 11g to provide interactive and spatially aware data presentation using Javascript and Adobe Flex for the  Medical and Environmental Support Contract (MESC) at Kennedy Space Center (KSC).

Developing a variety of tools, ranging from Dune Study visualization to spatially presented biological information, ArcGIS Server and Oracle have been combined to create interactive maps that allow users to select areas of interest, query points, and present collected data on rich maps. In addition, information from other tools ranging from FORTRAN output to text files is being processed and presented to the user.

Matrix will continue to develop for this rich platform for years to come, enabling their customer to fully utilize spatial data they have collected. If your company has data with a spatial need, please contact us at

Founded in 1992, Matrix Information Systems, Inc. provides e-business solutions and custom software development to corporate IT departments as well as federal, state, and local government agencies and their contractors.  Headquartered on Merritt Island, Florida, Matrix leverages the incredible wealth of talent drawn by NASA’s Kennedy Space Center, the 45th Space Wing, and countless area high-tech research, development, and manufacturing firms in the Central Florida High Tech Corridor.  In Tallahassee, Matrix’s State Branch delivers excellence in standards-based,  egovernment solutions that help Florida government reduce process and improve service levels.

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